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C3FaeWingGlow.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3FaeWingGlow.zip
filesize: 6,268KB : 6.12MB

A pair of faerie wing props with a couple of open/close morphs to allow your flightless faes to flit merrily about in the sky, and a glowing orb prop to help throw a little ethereal illumination into your Poser images. My first prop :D The glowing orb I had saved way in the back when I made this set so you may want to resave it with it positioned in front which is 15 or -15 from where I saved it.... sorry. In order to place the glowing orb prop where you want, turn transparency off, and resize/move it into position. The glowing orb can be used as backlighting for your faes or simply as a glowing ball as in demo pic...

C3Dreamcatcher.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3Dreamcatcher.zip
filesize: 1,083KB : 1.05MB

A dreamcatcher prop for use in your Native American scenes. A simple static prop made to look as if there is movement where there isn't any. This prop uses bump maps to make the webties stand out... the bump map for the webbing is optional. Lovely lyRainbow made a posable version of a dreamcatcher based on this one, and it's available from lyRainbow's Renderosity freebie section

C3Leafboat.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3Leafboat.zip
filesize: 893KB : 892KB

Allow your faefolk and their friends to go adventuring in this wee boat. This is a very simple prop... you can use any leaf texture you want. If you want a really cute fae boat head on over to RDNA and get the one by Traveler.

C3PlushToys.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3PlushToys.zip
filesize: 3,279KB : 3.20MB

PlushToy Props 3 bears, a bunny and a reindeer for your lil 'uns to play with. These are multi-part props... I can't make characters yet... This was the only way I could think of that will allow them to be as posable as a character. In your props-list below your main window, you'll find a list of partsfor your toy... the tummy is the control point for the toy... select the tummy to scale, move or turn the toy, all the limbs will adjust accordingly, select the limbs to move them into their final position. If you use more than one toy in the scene, you might find it more helpful to name the tummy to something to make it easier to distinguish from the others.

C3empiredress.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3empiredress.zip
filesize: 2,800KB : 2.73MB

3 basic textures for RDNA EmpireWaist Dress. Simple textures for Nikitacreed and styxx's Empire Waist Dress free from RDNA. These were my first attempt at anything for Poser... and it shows.. lol. Different effects can be achieved by altering texture strength in the material room. No Mats included.

C3MilFemSkin.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3MilFemSkin.zip
filesize: 5,437KB : 5.30MB

2 photoreal skin textures for your Millenium Females - V1/V2 & Milgirls. I made these because all of the freebie skin textures I have ever downloaded had tan-lines on them which kinda looked a bit rude on little girls. These were also my first attempt at making them... so are still a bit rough in some spots. No Mats included.

C3P4HairFem1.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3P4HairFem1.zip
filesize: 2,798KB : 2.73MB

Textures for P4FemaleHair1 object model native to Poser 4 & Poser 5. 6 dark hair colours to choose from.... Simple textures for P4Femalehair1, Not the best textures but certainly better than the default. No mats included.

C3LoresTeepee.thumb D O W N L O A D
filename: C3LoresTeepee.zip
filesize: 2,387KB : 2.33MB

Cabletoru's Lores Teepee/Tipi for your Native American images. This very LORES prop should only be used as a background filler. It should NOT be used in close-up detail images, as it does render angular. It comes set with the "smooth polygons" property set to OFF (preferred rendering state). It comes with a couple of morphs to open/close the flaps and only one texture. I hope you find a use for it..

This prop was made because I simply hadn't found a free one prior to making it.. however since making this, I have found a much superior "Tipi" freebie at the 3DSaracreations Native American Project webpage, and I strongly recommend everyone gets it, if you haven't already.

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